Friday, July 30, 2010


I remember V, back in the eighties. It was new back then, with strange aliens wearing human disguises, eating live mouses and everything. V (movie and tv series) is a Sci-Fi classic.

In 2009, V returned. Yes, they are back!
But they are different than before, it doesn't really look like a Sci-Fi movie, it's more like a conspiracy film. It reminds me Flash Forward (or 4400). The aliens look smarter than before and you know that there is something ongoing.

I only watched the beginning (only the first 3 episodes). The plot looked interesting, like a new vision of the V story, more convincing.

I don't usually enjoy 45-minutes episodes unless something happens in them. But here, it was a little boring, so I think that this is the biggest problem for me.

Now, maybe the second season will be more interesting and will have a better start, but currently it's a little disappointing.

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