Monday, July 26, 2010

Private Practice

Summer is here! This means good weather, nice blue sky, sun and... all tv shows are on hold during 2 months!

So, what to do with all the spare time? On my side, I watch series that I didn't watch during the year. This often includes series that I never watched during multiple seasons.
So, here is my first review: Private Practice.

Private Practice is a spin-off of Grey's Anatomy. The main link between the two series is Addison Montgomery, but we can see some other characters from Grey's Anatomy from time to time. The first season of Private Practice starts during the third season of Grey's Anatomy, with Addison leaving Seattle for Los Angeles.

I must say, I'm a big fan of Grey's Anatomy, but back when this started, I wasn't really interested in watching it, so now that I have some time, let's see how it is and what happened during those three seasons.

The atmosphere is really different between Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. Private Practice is more "cool". Since it's a private practice and not a big hospital, each episode only covers few patients, and while big disasters were common in Grey's Anatomy, this rarely occurs here.
So the big show that we had on Grey's Anatomy is kind of gone, but on the other side, there is a stronger relation with patients.

When the show started, I read somewhere that this were targeted at an older public, and I must say that this looks like it. The main thing is about relations between characters, which are more direct than a lot of other series.

So in the end, is it good? Is it worth watching it?

On my side, I'd say that it's interesting to watch. I don't find here the things that made Grey's Anatomy such a good show, but it's still not boring or anything.
(Plus, it's in Los Angeles so it feels like it's summer all the time during the three seasons, which is good because it's summer right now)

For those who disliked Grey's Anatomy, I can't say but I think that you should not because it's still kind of the same spirit behind this.

See you soon!

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